Monday, December 27, 2010

State of Mind

Hello to you all out there! I am slowly making my way back to Earth now that Christmas is over. While I did spend the day at home with the family it was simply because my entire family was sick with the flu. I started to feel a bit sorry for myself as I was siting alone in front of the tree Christmas night. My husband was laid up in bed after starting the second round of...well...getting sick and I was left to sit alone with out so much as a glass of wine to drown my sorrows (not for lack of wine but because my stomach just couldn't handle it). I thought about the day. We missed Christmas with both our parents, mine being the first without my Mom in 34 years, and I was sad. I thought how I would have to wait another whole year before the opportunity came to try again...and then it hit me. HARD.

This was a beautiful day.

I had the first Christmas ever with just my little family of 4. Relaxing. Playing. Opening the presents we are so blessed to be able to give to our children. Sitting in our jammies in our overly warm home not feeling a touch of chill from the cold outside. Knowing my Mom was just 10 minutes away, not a plane ride. And while we would not be seeing her on the actual day we would be seeing her 2 days later at our convenience, to open more presents, in her warm home without a touch of chill from the cold outside. Christmas was wonderful. What seemed to me to be "sub par" at the time was still more than some people can hope for in a given year.

We are incredibly lucky to have both sets of parents (Craig's and mine) living literally a few miles form us in either direction of our driveway. In fact, we get to celebrate two more Christmases in the next couple days! WOW! How great is that!? While I would not like to relive the moments of sickness I would love to go back for a moment and change the state of mind I let myself fall into. Instead I would relish the quite time with my children and husband, the alone time I was able to have on the most precious day of Jesus' birth and appreciate all that He has given my family and I.

My wishes for a wonderful Monday!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

To everyone out there. Wherever you may be. I wish for you a very Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

White Wednesday - Part Two

I know I already posted for today but I had to add a little more to today's White Wednesday. It snowed today here in New Hampshire and since snow is white I figured it fit the theme!  Today's snow was the kind I love. Slightly more than flurries...a thin layer barely blanketing the ground. So Christmasy and quiet...

Photo Credits: linenwood
Happy snowy day!

White Wednesday - Bridal Bouquets

Ahhhh...White Wednesday! My favorite day of the week! Today's feature will be white wedding bouquets. Some are ideas and some are actual bouquets you can purchase on etsy if you are so inclined. One of my favorite past times  is to browse wedding sites and just look at bouquets! I love the different textures and colors but more than that I LOVE the flowers! Especially those that lean towards the peony and cabbage rose varieties! I am happily married and have been for 8 years but occasionally...I still like to plan my wedding. :)

Photo Credits: Stylish Wedding Ideas, RomanticFlowers, Wedding Inspirasi, The Knot, StudioWedByMirela, Dream Weddings On A Budget, The Knot, EmiciBridal, Adrienne Maples

Sending you calm vibes as Christmas draws near,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things I Love

While I'd love to have an amazing thought filled post for you today I just can't manage it. It's not for lack inspiration! I am currently working on taking my little etsy business to another level and have too much in my head right now to share! Ever get like that? You are so excited and have so many thoughts bussing around in your brain that's it's nearly impossible to focus?! That's me. So instead of sharing my inner craziness I will share with you a few of my newest etsy favorites. They too make my head all buzzy but it's easier to get past it. :) Enjoy friends...

Photo Credits: HeyZee, Lirola, StayGoldMaryRose, honeytree, topsyturvydesign, roxyheartvintage, LolasRoom, japonicas, dreamyvintage
I could just stare at these amazing creations for hours. At times I do! I love to go back through my favorites and just wander the shops of these beautiful sellers. I am constantly blown away but the creativity that exists in this world. If you have time on this snowy (at least here in good ol' NH) Tuesday, please take a moment to visit one (or all) of these shops. I promise you won't be disappointed. You may just leave with a buzzy head like me. :)

Until we meet again,

Monday, December 20, 2010

Looking for alternatives?

Here in the Sharpe household we try to put our tree up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. By "put up" the tree I mean just that. Take it out of the box and put it up. All three pieces. In my perfect Christmas dreams I have a real tree but I decided to compromise with my husband. While my children are very young we do the artificial pre-lit tree. She's pretty though. If you have yet to get your tree up or are looking for an alternative to the traditional tree check out these fantastic ideas:

I apologize but for the life of me I can't find the links where I found these pictures! If you just search the web for alternative Christmas trees they would pop right up in the beginning. My favorite is the last one. How amazing would be to have a Christmas tree entirely of chandelier crystals! *sigh* so lovely! Thanks again for stopping by today! I am hoping to keep my momentum going and make another post tomorrow. Until then...


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday - Day of Rest

Enjoy this day dear friends. Rest. Fill back up. Be at peace.

Until we meet again,